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Chocolate Persimmons Breakfast Bowl

Persimmons Parfait 2

I have been without a kitchen for more than 2 months thanks to a “minor” flood back in April caused by a leaky refrigerator water line. The repairs, which commenced after thanksgiving were scheduled to last 5 days but were barely completed before Christmas. I am still working to restore order to my kitchen. 

I have missed my kitchen, not just the food delights, but being in it, handling and preparing my food, planning, experimenting, anticipating, playing… Within a week of eating out, I started feeling sluggish. We were making healthier choices, even for eating out, but didn’t feel I was fuelling my body.

For weeks, my husband and I have been dreaming about and planning our first official meal to celebrate the return of our kitchen, the heart of our home. You’ll have to wait and see what we craved most in the absence of our beloved kitchen. For now, with half my utensils and tools still in boxes, this is all I could manage, but oh what a concoction.

My mother sent me home with a case of persimmons. Yes, a case all for me!! My husband doesn’t eat them due to texture issues, which means they are all for me and I have no problem devouring them. Of course, my favourite way to eat them is straight up for breakfast, but I love them in the parfait and even make vinaigrettes with them. This is one of the most luxurious fruits I eat and in many respects, a specialty item. Its vibrant orange colour is arresting. The texture silky and smooth (and a little slimy, if you don’t mind that sort of thing). It is distinctly fragrant and supremely sweet with a taste all of its own.

The only persimmons we eat are the hachiya type with the dome/pyramid shape and only when they are ripe, otherwise they leave an awkward drying taste in the mouth. You’ll know they are ripe for the picking when they are soft to the touch from top to bottom. 

Persimmons pair beautifully with yogurt and when mashed work as a fresh compote to sweeten it. The hint of saltiness from the toasted pumpkin seeds in the dark chocolate bark tingles on the tongue and offsets the ultra sweet persimmons beautifully with the sweet / salty effect in play. You don’t need much chocolate, but what a treasure when you encounter it! Along with the crunchiness of the granola and slivered almonds, this combination makes a gorgeous breakfast treat. 

If you use sweetened vanilla yogurt (omit maple syrup), it doubles up as a dessert.

It’s simply my favourite parfait combination. Here’s to new twists on old favourites. Happy new year everyone!!

Serves 2


 Yogurt, unsweetened  1 cup
 Maple syrup  1 tbsp
 Persimmons, medium-large  2
 Granola  1/2 cup
 Almonds, slivered  1/4 cup
 Chocolate bark (toasted salted pumpkin seeds), broken up into small pieces  2 pieces

1. Wash persimmons and cut in half. Scoop out flesh and place in a small bowl. Using a spoon, combine until mashed and uniform consistency is achieved.

2. In another small bowl, add maple syrup to yogurt and combine. Divide yogurt between two serving breakfast bowls.

3. Divide persimmons mash between both bowls using a spoon to fold the persimmons mash elegantly into the yogurt leaving streaks.

4. Add and top with half the granola, slivered almonds and chocolate bark.

5. Combine and enjoy!