I’m Victoria and I love mornings, big homemade breakfasts, all day breakfasts, long bubble baths, doing nothing, collecting shoes, quiet moments, procrastinating, being silly, vanilla cake, yoga, Lucy, afternoon naps, an afternoon baking in the kitchen, Shakespeare, lazy Sundays, everything sugar, a good book, matcha green tea soy lattes, rainy days at home, poetry, strawberries, Autumn, Bette Davis movies, big family gatherings, Sunday morning bike rides with John, dialoguing, long walks, Saturday mornings at my farmers’ market, being inside my head, step class, strawberry cheesecake for breakfast, words and wordsmithing, James (the band, not the person), entertaining, acts of kindness, especially random ones, eccentricities…

I have a dear friend who once said to guests at the dinner table, “welcome to Victoria’s world”. I am constantly being asked what I am eating at work (my husband too), to share recipes, and to share thoughts on techniques and such. With this blog, I would like to give you a glimpse into my world. I take food extremely seriously. I live to eat (amongst other things, of course). After all, there are only three meals a day and I look forward to each and every one.

My life is extremely busy and is dedicated to nourishing my soul. Much of it is spent doing a job that I absolutely adore and that brings me much fulfillment. The rest of the time I spend mostly in my head, in the kitchen, or exercising.

Food nourishes me on so many levels (more on this later). I spend more time than I care to admit planning my weekly menu, conducting research and development, testing and perfecting recipes, of course eating, thinking about and looking forward to my next meal, and believe or not, even dreaming about food. I so love to entertain! I’m even attempting to assemble a collection of my best recipes.

I cook from scratch and only purchase food products that contain ingredients I recognize and no preservatives. I’m obsessive about reading labels and am meticulous with what I choose to nourish my body (mind and soul). I’ve got my poor husband reading labels too.

On this blog, you will find my weekly menu plans. They are my pride and joy and in my humble opinion, works of art. I normally plan meals beginning on the Sunday straight through to Thursday night. I take Friday nights off from cooking and Saturdays depend on what’s available at my farmers’ market. Every weekly menu plan contains at least one new item, the salad dressing of the week, and a soup night (we love soups). Soup night usually is replaced with a main salad meal in the summertime. I hope that the menu plans inspire you. We truly do cook and eat this way daily!

I plan to post one recipe from the menu plan a week. When I look for and develop recipes, I look for what Tyler Florence would call, “the ultimate recipe”.  I’m not interested in collecting one hundred good chili recipes. I want the best one out there.

This site will also include sections that discuss food as a concept (food for thought), restaurant reviews, food experiences, and table talk (I’ll explain).

So many recipes, so little time…

Disclaimer: In addition to creating recipes, I also adapt and follow others’ recipes and intend to share some of these on this site with the hope of inspiring good home cooking. I endeavour to give due credit where possible.


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