Weekly Menu Plan

I normally plan meals beginning on the Sunday straight through to Thursday night. I take Friday nights off from cooking and Saturdays depend on what’s available at my farmers’ market. Every weekly menu plan contains at least one new item, the salad dressing of the week, and a soup night (we love soups). Soup night usually is replaced with a main salad meal in the summertime. I hope that the menu plans inspire you. We truly do cook and eat this way every day!

Though I used to spend a minimum of one and a half hours a night cooking our meals, my husband finally put his foot down when he got tired of eating late. I’ve switched to meals that can be prepared between thirty minutes and an hour on week nights. On gym nights, those meals are even quicker to prepare. I’m also not allowed to try anything new during the week because apparently I’m not good at gauging how long some things will take to prepare. So of course, I never make anything new during the week ;).

June 2015

Week of the 22nd:

Sunday:  Spring Risotto

Monday:  Tortellini in Brodo

Tuesday:  Burgers & Salad

Wednesday:  Cherry Tomato & Bocconcini Salad

Thursday:  BBQ Tofu & Veggies, Chimichurri Sauce

Friday:  Off


Dressing/Vinaigrette:  Oregano Red Wine Vinaigrette

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